About Sterling Straws

Sterling Straws is a family owned and operated company based in Dublin, Ireland.

We started producing reusable straws in 2018 to try and make a small impact on the terrible harm single use plastics are causing to our planet.We decided to try and make this shift a lot easier for customers by offering a premium marketable product that will promote your business and help save the world.

Starting off making Sterling Silver straws we realised that not everyone would be in the market for this expensive but beautiful product, so we decided to diversify our range into Steel, Bamboo, Glass, Silicone, Ceramic, Wheat and Paper giving our customers a range of options.We also offer a choice of packaging that will fit in with any companies budget and marketing goals, while taking a step away from single use plastics.

With many large organizations and governments putting a ban on single use plastics, its time for everyone to do their part in reducing the harm we’re causing to the world, not just for us but for the generations to follow.

If you’d like to know more about our capabilities and products please feel free to get in touch.